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Just Juiced : Apple, Orange and Lime

17 Feb


This delightfully zesty and refreshing juice is made by juicing 1 apple, 2 peeled oranges and 1 peeled lime. Pour over ice and enjoy!


Just Juiced: Carrot & Orange

16 Jan


One large carrot and one large orange (peeled but with pith still on) juiced will make a portion of this delightfully bright orange juice.  It doesn’t have a strong flavour – the orange and carrot seem to cancel each other out. However it is pleasing and refreshing to drink, not to mention very healthy!

Treasury – Fruity Delights

11 Jun

‘Fruity Delights’ by thecandytree125

A selection of yummy fruity delights to make your mouth water!  Simply click on an image to be taken to the relevant Etsy shop for full details.  Enjoy!


Sweet Lemon Cream Soap Handm…


Green Flower Photography Lem…


Frosted Turquoise Lime Strip…


Wedding Cake Topper, Crochet…


Burning orange OOAK- Merino/…


Hand painted heels – Lemon a…


Unique lime bracelet, Abstra…


Button Bracelet, Tangerine, …


Buttons in LEMON SHERBET x 1…


Lemons Signed Print Small


Orange Seahorse portrait, Or…


ACEO lemon and lime for a co…


Orange summer versatile neck…


Kitchen Art – Orange Lemon &…


Fuschia/Lemon – Dual Coated …


Lemon felt coaster set