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Friday Finds – Snowflakes!

25 Oct

‘Snowflakes!’ by The Candy Tree

This week I’m featuring a whole load of snowflake goodies – I love the unique nature of snowflakes, and these handmade delights are equally unique!

Silver Snowflake Stud Earrin…


White SNOWFLAKE Charm With C…


Recycled Lasercut Snowflake …


x26 Mixed-size Festive Snowf…


Tatting Silver Beaded Christ…


Three large detailed pattern…


Snowflake earrings , Christm…


Snowflake Christmas Tree Dec…


Felt snowflake trim – blue, …


Love heart snowflake Christm…


Snowflake Glass Earring Stud…


Silver Snowflake Bangle – Wi…


Snowflake heart brooch / pin…


Knitted Snowflake Christmas …


White cotton doilies, croche…


Winter Wedding Snowflake Cup…


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Wordless Wednesday – The Riverside Museum of Transport

23 Oct

The Week Ahead – Silver Wire Earrings

21 Oct

I’ve been trying to source some good quality sterling silver ear wires at an affordable price for quite some time – some of the cheaper options can be incredibly flimsy.   That’s when it occurred to me – why don’t I just make my own?

SwarovskiSilverEarrings1Through a little bit of online browsing I’ve managed to source eco-silver wire.  This wire is made from recycled sterling silver and has all of the same properties as sterling silver.  The wire is pliable but much weightier than the ear wires I’ve used in the past.  I just love the more organic nature of these handmade ear wires and I think they’ll become a part of my future jewellery designs.SilverPearlEarrings1

It’s also been a while since I used my pegboard so I’ve used my new silver wire to create these swirling earring designs.

In the meantime I’m also knitting up another slouchy hat using my own pattern.  Once I get it the way I like it I’ll start to make a series of them in different fun colours.  What a great way to brighten up the apparent horrible winter that’s coming our way!2013-10-19 16.02.26

Friday Finds – It’s Wool Week!

18 Oct

‘It’s Wool Week!’ by The Candy Tree

Some woolly delights – all in celebration of Wool Week!

Hand Knitted poncho with wav…


Hot Water Bottle with Hand K…


Chunky Knit British Wool Thr…


iPhone Sleeve – Grey Wool Fe…


100% Scottish Pure New Wool …


Wool Felt. 100% organic wool…


British Blue Faced Leicester…


Whitefaced Woodland Hand Dye…


Stunning Throw Blanket Throw…


White Owl” Felted wool …


Fox Mittens Fox Mittens in L…


Wool Roving- Gray Shetland K…


Vintage English Pure Wool Ch…


10 Wool Felted Felt Stars – …


Pastels Bundle – Merino Wool


PASTELS Premium Wool Blend F…


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Top Tip Tuesday – The Magic Loop

15 Oct

This week’s top tip is probably well known amongst seasoned knitters, however I only used it for the first time last week!

I used to buy specific sizes of circular knitting needles for every new project, until I discovered my interchangeable knitting needles.  I now (hopefully) have every length of cable and size of needle I’ll ever need!

Avid readers will know that I’ve just started knitting hats, however my circular needle set only comes with long cables.  This isn’t really an issue if you adopt the magic loop method which allows you to knit a small circumference on much larger cable needles.

It’s simple really:

  1. Using a 40″ cable, cast on the required number of stitches
  2. Fold your cable and point both needles to the right – lay it out in front of you.
  3. Count along half of your cast on stitches, and at the half way point start to pull the cable through these stitches.  This is what creates the ‘magic loop’! You have now created a much smaller circumference to work with.
  4. Join in the round in your usual way.  You’re now ready to carry on knitting in the round!

2013-10-10 18.59.12[1]

This photo shows my hat project in the more advanced stages, and you can see the magic loop on the left hand side.  Each time you finish half a round, simply count out the next half of your stitches, pull the cable through and carry on knitting.  You can use a stitch marker if you like, but I always use the tail of my cast on row as a guide.  Seeing as you’re counting out half the stitches each time you make a loop, it’s easy to tell when you have finished a round, or are only half way through one.

Happy knitting!

The Week Ahead – Hats!

14 Oct

I’ve been putting my KnitPro interchangeable circular needles to good use this past week by trying to knit my first slouchy hat!  In the past2013-10-10 19.00.06[2] I’ve just bought specific circular needles for whatever project I was about to begin, but these interchangeable needles definitely make much better economic sense!  I really wanted to get the colourful wooden range (because they look so pretty to knit with!), but wooden needles tend to make me want to cut my fingers off 2013-10-10 21.55.50[1]after a few hours of knitting – they’re so painful!  These metal ones however are a dream to knit with and I love that hats are so much faster to knit than my usual scarves!

Slouchy hats seem to be very in at the moment so I’m going to have a play around and create my own pattern once I get the size right.  I’ll hopefully have a new hat section in my shop soon!2013-10-10 21.59.00[1]

This week I’m also planning to fill up my Folksy shop which has been a bit neglected.  I spent a lot of time adding new listings when I first opened a few months ago, but haven’t been very good at adding more.  I think I just need to put a few hours aside and get to it – Christmas is coming after all!  Because I spend all day on the computer at work I prefer to spend my evenings knitting in front of the telly instead of spending more time staring at a computer screen… but my shop isn’t going to be successful if it’s empty!

This week is also Wool Week!  I’m going to try very hard to avoid all of the amazing wool sales that normally take place this week – I still have a massive pile of unused balls of wool so I don’t think I’d be too popular if I filled the cupboard even more without using my existing stash first!

Friday Finds – Winter Accessories

11 Oct

‘Winter Accessories’ by The Candy Tree

Today I felt the bitter cold of winter in the air and it inspired me to create this wonderful collection of winter accessories in cool grays and whites. Brrrr……!

Grey-blue crochet necklace/c…


Womens summer wedding lace s…


Womans Hair Accessories. Whi…


crochet spats, ankle warmer,…


Bridal pearl wedding earring…


Stunning Gloria Full feather…


Knitted fashion scarf, Anima…


Womens gloves ladies cashmer…


Unique hand-drawn winter tre…


Tube hat, dreadlocks headban…


White Hair Flower, Poinsetti…


Finnish winter gray, wet fel…


Winter Pearl Snowflake Hair …


Grey and black chiffon Scout…


Wedding Tiara Blue Pearls Si…


Mens winter plaid multicolor…


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Wordless Wednesday – Longdowne Activity Farm

9 Oct

Top Tip Tuesday – How to Prevent Laddering when Knitting with DPNs

8 Oct

If you’ve read yesterday’s post then you will know that I recently finished knitting this adorable little baby hat after three attempts at getting the sizing right.  Lesson learned – I will definitely be making swatches from now on!!

2013-09-20 23.57.38[1]However, today’s top tip has nothing to do with gauge or swatches.  Today’s tip hopes to solve another issue I had when knitting this cute hat on double pointed needles – laddering!

No matter how tightly I knitted my first stitch on each needle, I would get a larger gap compared to the other stitches – as I progressed with the hat, this created a ladder effect.

So how did I finally solve this issue?  It’s quite simple really, and I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before!  Before knitting the next round, simply move a couple of stitches between needles.  This prevents that first larger stitch from being in the same place each time, and once the hat is finished, you can’t tell which stitches are from the start of a new needle – the tension seems to even itself out.

I’m now feeling much more confident about knitting hats on DPNs and I’m now planning to create a new range for my shop – watch this space!

Don’t forget that you can share your own top tips right here and I will link to your own website – just get in touch!

The Week Ahead – I’m Back!

7 Oct

Ok so in actuality, I was back from my holiday a couple of weeks ago, but I felt like I needed a little time to catch up with things before I got back into my blog!2013-09-20 23.57.38[1]

Sooo what have I been doing, I hear you ask!  Well I’ve been knitting this adorable little baby hat which is hopefully the right size this time!  This is my third attempt, with the first try being far too small and the second being too big to fit me (why don’t I just do a swatch first?!?!), so hopefully the third attempt is just right!  All of these attempts has allowed me to perfect knitting in the round using double pointed needles and I even have a top tip to share with you tomorrow!

2013-10-05 11.45.17I have also been cross stitching these branded coasters for my brother.  I’d made him one a few months back as a silly gift for the office and he liked it so much he has commissioned me to make some more!

Once I’ve finished these I’m planning on trying to knit a slouchy beanie hat.  Depending on how it turns out, I might even introduce a range to my shop.  I always seem to get these great ideas right before the relevant season, so I may have one or two hats in my shop in time for Christmas, but a more substantial range probably won’t be available until well into the new year.

I’ve started my Christmas shopping, so I’m assuming that means that most people will be starting soon if they haven’t already.  I’m hoping to keep my Etsy shop fully stocked with goodies for the next few months – I’m still aiming to reach my goal of 100 Etsy sales before Christmas (only 15 more to go!!)