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Craftseller Feature

31 Oct

So here I am on page 74 and 75 of Craftseller magazine’s November issue in a feature entitled “My Craft Shop” (perhaps we can call it a double page spread?!).

Oh the fame – nothing can stop me now! 🙂

 Be sure to pick up your copy of Craftseller Magazine for great tips on selling your handmade goodies.  I have been featured on many blogs in the past year (which I am grateful for) but this is my first magazine feature and it feels like a wonderful next step!

Giveaway! Cross Stitch Heart Button Ring

19 Oct



If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I recently made a new button ring featuring a cross stitched heart.  It’s really adorable so I’m going to keep the first one for myself.  However, so as not to be really mean, I’ve decided to make another one and give it away for free right here!

The heart is stitched using luscious red satin thread, mounted onto a plastic button and finished with a knitted band of stretchy cotton sock yarn.

If you would like to enter my giveaway – simply click on this link to be taken to the Rafflecopter website

This giveaway is open from now until next Friday (26th October) to everyone worldwide. All I ask in return is that you answer a very short questionnaire about the ring once it arrives.  As an additional thank you I will also be offering a generous coupon code for use in my Etsy Shop.

Good luck everyone!

Hunting for Conkers

18 Oct

I haven’t gone conker hunting since I was little and this year I have decided to try and find some, mainly for nostalgia’s sake, but I thought I could try and make beads out of them as well.

For the past couple of weekends I’ve been out searching for them amongst the trees near my house, but to be honest I’m not even sure what the right trees look like!  I might still be a little early as the leaves have only just started to fall, but we did find evidence of conker shells on the ground, already torn to pieces by the squirrels.

Last weekend we continued the hunt with a walk around Almondell Country Park.  Unfortunately I came home empty handed but managed to get a couple of nice photos with my phone.  I just love the autumnal colours and wearing my wellies meant I could go splashing through the mud and puddles as well!

The hunt continues this weekend…hopefully those pesky squirrels haven’t already pinched them all!

My Holiday Wish List

17 Oct

Shopping on Etsy is dangerous…I’ve been hunting around looking for goodies to buy for Christmas presents, but keep getting distracted by all of the handmade delights to be had…

I thought I would take a break from shopping for others and share a selection of my favourites 🙂

Silver Twig Ring by Michael Lionel

As always, I instantly fall in love with anything related to nature and especially trees.

Yarn Bowl by Red Hot Pottery

Anything to keep my wool under control would be a wonderful addition to my living room – and it’s my favourite colour!

Manos Del Uruguay Wool by Chirpbyroz

I have a cupboard full of wool at the moment so I’m not allowed to buy any more but I just love the rich tones featured in this skein!