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Thursday Feature – Get Involved!

8 Aug

So I’ve finally come to the end of my scheduled Thursday Feature posts, and what a wonderful selection of shops I got the chance to review!HEartBead

I’m not planning on making a great plea for applicants again until next year, but in the meantime I’m still more than happy to feature anyone who has an online shop that they want to shout about.  In the past I have focused solely on Etsy shops, however, since I’ve now ventured into the world of Folksy with my new Emma Dickie Design store, I will happily feature shops from this platform as well.

If you’re interested, just click on over to my Get Featured page and fill in your details.  I’ll get back to you with my questionnaire and you can share your wonderful shop with me, and my readers!

Thursday Feature – Studio 5T2

27 Jun

Today I am chatting to Candy from Studio 5T2, who offers a variety of handmade accessories and knitwear.  Candy’s shop is wonderfully presented with striking photography, which really brings her bejewelled goodies to life!

il_570xN_454596083_2he91. Tell us a bit about yourself and where the inspiration came from to start your Etsy shop. 

We are a team of three people and found out about Etsy from a small space in the Cosmopolitan magazine. They advertise that if we have any talent for crafting, sites like Etsy can help us turn our hobby into a small income opportunity. Since I already knit for charity (knitting caps for children, blankets for the Salvation Army, chemo caps for cancer patients), I figured  that it would be a good way to earn a little on the side to help those in need.

2. Do you have a favourite piece? Tell us about the thought process involved in creating it and why it is your favourite.il_570xN_454499284_lw7g

Our favorite piece and most rewarding so far has to be our dangle sparkle earrings in the form of a tear drop.  Probably because we all work in the healthcare system and we encounter so many life changing events that we see how a tear can touch people differently. Parents teared up to their newborn, loved ones being mourned for their loss, tears from acute and chronic pain, tears from frustration due to bad news, tears of joy when cancer is a sore loser.

So as you can see, I end up seeing that shape as a form of opportunity. Starting that piece was also a healing process since I had to grieve over my loss of a parent. So, the final product is very personal to me and yes, we decided to put it on sale (with the rest of our jewelry creations) to complete my healing process and letting it go.

3. What is it that makes your shop unique?

From the critics we have read so far, our shop can be quite confusing for a regular shopper: knitting products with fashion jewelry! But, that is so us! Life should be all roses and diamonds, unfortunately, it ain’t for some. Plenty of wealthy people do charity work in different forms. So, why can’t we have both! We love the glam and we also love doing some good for those in need.

Charity support goes mainly to three foundations that we have supported for a long time: St-Jude Hospital, Breast Cancer and the National Kidney Foundation in California. Each year, we also try to sponsor a few random participants for the AIDS walk. Some of our knit items that have not sold or sample pieces are sent to the Salvation Army for better use.

4. What’s next in the pipeline?il_570xN_454527318_6ubj

Our next project goal is to expand the tech accessories (iPhone 4/4S is so 2012!), we are in the process of crafting other 3D molds for iPhone 5 and iPad mini cases. We are also looking into having more jewelry pieces added soon. And, a website is under construction. That will be a good way to let the world see “what’s next” and also a more intimate side of us.

5. And finally, let us know where we can find you.

Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Studio5T2
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Studio5T2
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CandyLau
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/Studio5T2

Thank you for sharing your wonderful shop with us, Candy!  Not only are you crafting beautiful products, you are helping so many people in the process – it must be so rewarding!

Thursday Feature – ArtistaQ8

11 Apr

il_570xN.445401924_e1qmMy Etsy Love series is having a bit of a revamp with the introduction of my Thursday Features!

This week I get to know Artista who owns ArtistaQ8 and sells downloadable digital paper goods for patterns and scrapbooking.  The first thing that strikes me about Artista’s shop is the vivid colours and wonderful range of patterns to choose from.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and where the inspiration came from to start your Etsy shop. 

I own one store that I named “ArtistaQ8” and I sell digital paper goods that are suitable for scrapbooking, crafts, digital background, stationery, and gifts. I was first introduced to digital paper goods in September 2012 and I’ve creating them almost nonstop since then.

2. Do you have a favourite piece? Tell us about the thought process involved in creating it and why it is your favourite.il_570xN.444513412_ign8

Personally, I prefer ‘Digital Ladybird Paper Pack’. I love how the designs and colors are flowing well with each other. They appear pleasing to the eye and attractive. That’s why I choose them over the rest.

3. What is it that makes your shop unique?

I always try new approaches in my paper/pattern designs. If you take a look at my items since the beginning you will notice the different styles and colors. At first, I started out creating single paper patterns until I learned how to design a whole paper pack of not less than 8 paper goods.

4. What’s next in the pipeline?

I’m planning to add more and diverse items to my store. I’ll work on clip arts, perhaps borders and frames, more paper packs, and social media icons. That’s what I have in mind right now.

5. Tell us something about you or your shop that you haven’t previously shared!

I won a small business called ‘Artista, the Graphic Design and Art Studio’, and my online Etsy store is part of this business of mine. I’ve been into Graphic Design since I was 11-12 years old until this day. I wasn’t very serious about it at the beginning and used to create very basic designs. Once I decided I was ready to establish a business, I started to learn more techniques.

6. And finally, let us know where we can find you.il_570xN.445275307_smvq

Website: www.a-artista.com
Blog: artistaq8.blogspot.com
Facebook: facebook.com/artista.artista.14
Twitter: www.twitter.com/artistaq8
Deviantart: artistaq8.deviantart.com
Tumblr: artistaq8.tumblr.com
Behance: www.behance.net/artistaq8
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/artistaq8

Thanks for sharing your wonderful shop with us, Artista.  I wish you lots of success with ArtistaQ8!