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Hello 2014!

6 Jan

I’m not sure it’s quite sunk in yet that we’re now into a new year!  I have big plans for the next 12 months, both in my personal and crafty life, so I might be more likely to stick to my plans if I document them right here! 2013-12-29 14.03.43

Personal goals:

  • To be healthier – what a cliche, but I want to make good use of the juicer we bought with Christmas money and do some exercise every now and again.
  • Buy a house – I’m hoping to have enough of a deposit saved up to buy a house this year, and hopefully before the prices start to rise!

Crafty Goals

  • To start creating metalwork jewellery (I was given an anvil for Christmas and can’t wait to use it!)
  • I reached my goal of 100 Etsy sales last year (which took me a couple of years to reach).  This year I’m aiming for 180!
  • I’m hoping to streamline my shop a little and concentrate on creating more complex knitwear and jewellery.
  • I’ve been a bit lax with my blogging in the run up to Christmas so another goal is to try and be more regular with my bloggy updates!

Summer Sale!

15 Jun

My goal was to reach 200 Twitter followers and have a sale to celebrate – and I would like to thank all of my followers for helping me achieve this!

You can now use Coupon Code SUMMER2012 for 20% off EVERYTHING in my Etsy shop!

I’ve just finished stocking up and achieved another of my goals – to reach 100 listings so there is plenty to choose from! 

And finally, I always love to receive custom orders so for the duration of the sale I will apply the discount to any custom orders received – so pop on over and send me a message – I would love to help!