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Etsy Love – Williams Honey Farm

17 Jan

Today I am getting to know Jay and Adrienne Williams who run Williams Honey Farm and are active beekeepers who practice and promote safe, sustainable, chemical free beekeeping. Their Etsy shop is full of honey, comb honey, creamed honey and lip balms.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and where the inspiration came from to start your Etsy shop. 

We are a small husband and wife beekeeping operation based just south of Nashville, TN. We specialize in “finishing honey”. In other words, our honey is quite sweet and usually is drizzled over a fine dessert or cheese rather than dumped in bulk into larger recipes. We want you to savor our honey and try and taste all the floral varieties packed into one vial! The inspiration for our Etsy shop came from our love for the honeybee. It’s a tough time for honey bees and they need all the help they can get. As a result, we decided to break from normal beekeeper tradition and not use any sort of chemicals, antibiotics, acids or other harsh treatments when raising our bees. Our honey is as raw as it gets. It’s as if you stuck your spoon inside the hive and pulled out a scoop. Our bees seem happier, and we maintain a clear conscience.

2. Do you have a favourite piece? Tell us about the thought process involved in creating it and why it is your favourite.il_570xN_407432975_fb9l

Our current favorite piece is our “Love is Sweet” honey vials. The name says it all clear and simple. It also works great because we took a big gamble this year with our beehives and held off extracting honey until our local Basswood trees finished blooming. The flower only blooms for 2 weeks out of the year and is quite tricky to time right. What this means for the honey taste is a smooth start followed by an extra sweet kick at the end. Honey is just like wine and you’d be amazed at how it can flirt with your taste buds the more you eat or pair it with food. It’s a great romantic gift or even a great wedding favor.

3. What is it that makes your shop unique?

Our shop is unique in that we treat our bees like family and cherish the bounty they provide. We are also unique because we rescue wild beehives in danger. We swoop in before an exterminator gets to them and move them to a safe, clean area to live out the rest of their days. The left behind beeswax we melt, strain and turn into lip balm that we affectionately call “Lip Rescue.” It’s a win win for all involved. The concerned citizen isn’t scared about being stung, the bees live another day, and customers get to enjoy a 100% pure lip balm experience.il_570xN_293695899

4. What’s next in the pipeline?

Next in the pipeline is what we call our “Mini Honey Flask”. It’ll be a 5 oz container you can easily take anywhere to spike your coffee, tea, or party drink. Look for it to come out this spring!

5. Tell us something about you or your shop that you haven’t previously shared!

We frequently try to get together with fellow Etsy shops and team up for our projects. Just like bees in a beehive, we’re all in this together. Our “Love is Sweet” vials for instance came from our good friends over at InTheClear on Etsy. Our customizable wedding favor tags came from our friends at EdgeInspired in the UK!

6. And finally, let us know where we can find you.

You can of course find us on Etsy at: www.etsy.com/people/WilliamsHoneyFarm

You can also check out our website for more info about us or links to help you become a beekeeper:

Please follow us on twitter @littleguyhoney
Please like us on facebook:
We were also recently awarded “Best Tasting Honey in Tennessee” at the state convention!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful shop with us, Jay and Adrienne – all this talk of honey is making me drool!  From browsing your products it is clear that your bees are very precious to you and it’s wonderful to discover a shop with a great cause such as yours!