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Etsy Love – Gabriella’s Treasures

21 Feb

Today I am continuing my Etsy Love series with Patricia from Gabriella’s Treasures who sells vintage clothing, art and collectibles.  Patricia goes hunting for vintage finds with her granddaughter, Gabriella, and it is clear that they both have a great eye!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and where the inspiration came from to start your Etsy shop.

I’ve always loved Vintage passionately.  My granddaughter, Gabriella, is my inspiration for my shop and my shop name.  I know I am a very eclectic and creative person, and try to bring that to my shop.  I am 64 years young, but by my personality etc. I am sooo not 64!

2. Do you have a favourite piece? Tell us how you found it and why it is your favourite.

Favorite piece, wow, I love them all.   I honestly can’t say, as my nature is eclectic, I don’t even have a favorite color, I like all color!

3. What is the biggest milestone you have achieved so far whilst selling on Etsy?

My milestone for my shop is just jumping the hurdles teaching myself the computer, how to copy-paste-, learn SEO, it is a whole other world for me, but I am loving it, and I always wanting to learn.  Personal life hurdles – you don’t want to know (LOL), suffice it to say I am an excellent hurdler.

4. What are your future plans for your business?

I have always wanted to do something like this; couldn’t afford to open a real shop; did arts and crafts shows years ago (handmade), had to work a real job and raise 3 (wonderful) children, get through life and illness and all that encompasses our lives, put myself on the back burner because I had to.  It is now time for me to do something for me, and Gabriella and I are doing this; I want success, I do want to make money for my future and Gabriella’s also.  I want to fulfill myself and my dreams I’ve been holding onto for so long.

5. And finally let us know where we can find you.

You can find me here:
Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GabriellasTreasures

Patricia still has roughly 200 more items to add to her shop so be sure to bookmark her site and check back often for new delights.

Thanks for answering my questions Patricia.  I think it’s great that you share your passion for vintage with your granddaughter and I get the loveliest image of you both hunting for treasure together – I wish you both lots of success in your adventures!