The Week Ahead – Hats and Scarves and Cards, Oh My!

11 Nov

Last week I had a little break from my blog – I was concentrating on getting my new slouchy beanie hats ready to list and was working on a custom merino wool ribbed scarf. This was the first time I had used this 100% merino chunky wool and it was a dream to knit with. Lovely and soft with great stitch definition. DSC_0416

2013-11-04 21.52.43I have also started knitting a new diamond patterned scarf which combined with this multi-coloured chunky yarn creates a Fair Isle style (but not nearly as complicated!) I still intend to teach myself the Fair Isle knitting technique, but that might have to wait until the Christmas holidays!

Speaking of holidays, I’ve been working on more Christmas card designs and just love this geeky QR code design! When scanned, this design simply shows the message ‘Merry Christmas!’, but the ChristmasQRCard1beauty of QR codes is that they can be programmed to read any message you like (up to 200 characters). They can even link to a photo or website address. Just get in touch if you would like to order a custom QR code design!

So what’s next? I’m so pleased with my new beanie hats, and once I’ve finished this chunky diamond scarf I’m going to create a new pattern to broaden my range – keep ‘em peeled!

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