It’s Time for a Holiday!

9 Sep

I’ve had a pretty busy few weeks (hence the lack of posts) and I can’t wait to go on holiday next week.  We’re heading back down to the New Forest for some well deserved rest.  I’m hoping to go on a couple of day trips to Oxford and Southampton as well as lots of relaxing walks through the beautiful countryside.

This does mean that any orders placed at The Candy Tree between Saturday 14 September and Monday 23 September won’t be posted until Wednesday 25 September.  The relevant processing times will apply to made to order items from Monday 23 September.


I’m planning on taking a couple of knitting and cross stitch projects along with me so I’m sure I’ll have some exciting new goodies to show you on my return.  I’ll also have access to the internet whilst I’m away so feel free to get in touch with any queries and I’ll post the occasional photo on my Twitter feed.

On a separate note, I went to the Leuchars Air Show on Saturday so this week’s Wordless Wednesday will feature a small selection of the photos I took (I snapped around 1,000 photos on the day, so I’m hoping to have managed to get one or two beauties)!

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