Thursday Feature – Cat & Bot

11 Jul

This week’s Thursday Feature is all about Cathy’s Cat & Bot, which is a beautiful shop offering fun, simple and minimal handmade jewellery.  Cathy’s designs have such a delicate sweetness to them and I adore the subtle shades of peaches and blues.

il_570xN_467274814_7lb71. Tell us a bit about yourself and where the inspiration came from to start your Etsy shop. 

My name is Cathy, or Catabot on the interwebz! I currently work full time in PR and communications at a leading entertainment and gaming network. When I’m off the clock, I dedicate whatever free time I have left to my Etsy shop! To be quite frank, I was inspired to take the plunge and open up my Etsy shop by random chance. I was browsing the jewelry section one day when I came across a lot of different, beautiful and unique types of handmade jewelry. I heart versatility and I wanted my jewelry collection to be just that. So far, it’s been a lot of hard work… but I’m enjoying every minute of it 🙂

2. Do you have a favourite piece? Tell us about the thought process involved in creating it and why it is your favourite.il_570xN_447672600_b8yp

Currently, I’m hearting my Gold Fringe Necklace. It’s simple, elegant and timeless. I went into making this with that thought process.

3. What is it that makes your shop unique?

It’s simple, versatile, and minimal with a pop of color! Not to mention, it’s reasonably affordable, and made to complement your own unique and personal style. I hope anyone visiting my Etsy shop can find something for themselves there 🙂

4. What’s next in the pipeline?

Pretty simple statement necklaces are in the making! Be on the look out for that!

5. Tell us something about you or your shop that you haven’t previously shared!

I have an affinity for cute animals. I love The Walking Dead and I enjoy playing video games!

6. And finally, let us know where we can find you.il_570xN_447651022_r1fu

Keep in touch with me for exclusives, sneak peeks, sales, giveaways, new items and more!

Etsy Shop:

Thank you for sharing your wonderful collection with us, Cathy!  I can see that you have already achieved great success considering the short length of time that your shop has been open, and it’s not difficult at all to see why!  I wish you plenty more success in the future 🙂

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