Tooooo Hooooooot!!!!!

9 Jul

I’ve never been good at handling the heat.  I’m Scottish, pasty and used to average temperatures of around 10 degrees.  The last two days have been full of glorious sunshine and temperatures of up to 27 degrees – and not much cooler over night. I just can’t handle it! I can’t sleep, can’t walk at my usual “rapid” pace without risk of passing out and there’s no let up in the shade – even the breeze is warm!

I know I really shouldn’t be moaning, but today tipped me over the edge.  The heat actually caused problems with the trains and I ended up squeezing onto a crowded platform waiting for my delayed train to arrive.  Finally getting to squeeze onto a seat on the train, I think I was even hotter than when I was standing in the scorching heat.  And the smell of stale cheesy feet and BO was just lovely(!)

I received a lovely big bag of wool today and I can’t even bring myself to start knitting a new scarf – it’s just TOO HOT!


Sun-Flower by Lυвαιв, on Flickr

So if you’re wondering why there’s very little activity on my blog this week – the heat is the reason!  Plus my smartphone is being sent off for repair so I haven’t been able to take any photos with the dodgy little retro number I’ve borrowed in the meantime.  It can literally only be used to send texts and make phone calls…how did we used to cope without push email?!?

I think that’s everything I needed to rant about…I’m getting too hot to carry on typing much more.  My Thursday Feature post has already been scheduled and if I start to cool off then I’ll put together a heat inspired treasury for my Friday Finds.  But don’t be surprised if you hear little else from me this week…


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