Free Cross Stitch Pattern – Sunflower

14 Aug

I’m feeling generous and have decided to withdraw my sunflower pattern from my Etsy shop and instead give it away for free right here!

This is a reasonably simple design which I created to fit into this cute magnet frame which can be purchased here.

These magnet frames would be great for sticking on the fridge.

It is stitched onto tiny 28 count aida fabric using one strand of embroidery thread and measures approximately 7 x 7 cm (2.5 x 2.5 inches) so you may want to use a magnifying glass or just squint a lot (which is what I ended up doing!) [Please note that if you stitch on this tiny fabric whilst hungover it may make the room spin (speaking from personal experience!)]  Or if you prefer I’m sure you could adapt this to be stitched onto 14 count aida, but you will obviously need a bigger piece of fabric! 

The pattern is shown below – simply right click and select save or print in order to use it.  This pattern is free for your own personal use but please do not distribute or sell this pattern yourself.  Happy stitching!


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