Hogmanay in Elie

4 Jan

Our own version of the Loony Dook (I’m the loony on the right!)

For the last few years I have dreaded New Year’s Eve, mainly because they have either been disastrous or pretty nondescript.  During my late teens/early twenties I went to some of the best Hogmanay parties and I think they have ruined me for life.  Last year for example, we went to a local bowling club for a buffet with a “band” which turned out to be aimed at the over 50s.  It was definitely time for a change!

This year we decided to try something completely different and rent a holiday home on the beach at Elie which is a beautiful coastal village in East Fife.  Not only was this one of my favourite Hogmanays, it was also a great long weekend holiday and I highly recommend this quaint village to anyone looking to escape life for a few days.

I think from now on I’m either going to ignore Hogmanay completely or find a lovely place to run off to and escape the pressure of finding a good party to go to!

I would love to hear about your Hogmanay escapades so please feel free to share by leaving a comment below!


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